Sunday, January 22, 2017

1-22-2017 Sakon Nakhon

Too much to say! But I'll go with the answers for right now!

Tell Kai to keep moving along and practicing! Hard Work is the only way to get better!

So language memorization is good! I've experienced a big slow down as far as vocabulary (mostly because I can't study all day) memorization, but that's ok! I'm really focused on listening skills. Conference talks, mission videos, etc etc, all in Thai! Of course, not being afraid to talk to people helps as well! Talking and listening, especially with the Members! Try and talk with them every chance I get, and not be ashamed of asking questions helps!

Brother Peter is doing great! He doesn't use a phone but we manage to contact him anyways. We're going to teach him the Plan of Salvation soon, but we just have to get over to his shop at a good time! He's been helping out with his sister's marriage so he hasn't had a ton of time! But he's great, and really willing to listen.

Brother Nattawat is doing great as well! Lately we have been trying to get him to pray with real intent to find an answer for himself, and know that this Gospel is true. But he's doing good! Not sure about coffee right now, but we will ask!

Both of them have good potential, but we will continue teaching them for sure! Just keep working hard, and always be progressing and becoming better.

As far as day to day life goes we: Wake Up, exercise, eat breakfast, prepare. Then we study for 3 hours till 11 in the morning or so. Then we do training till 12. Have lunch somewhere, and then go teaching/inviting. Typically, there isn't very much door to door here because everyone has these big gates in front of their houses. So, we just do street contacting. Most people we teach come to the Church to be taught. Less-Active work as well! We also have English classes to teach, SPorts Night, Book of Mormon Class, etc. Lots of fun! Good ways to fill the less effective evening hours when it is dark outside. People do smile all the time, and they are all really nice! Nicer than I could believe.

We also had Zone conference! That was tons of fun, though Prathaan Sxa is crazy! (In a good way). He just has a lot of fun with the Missionaries here (he's the First Counselor in the Mission Presidency). Very different than Prathaan Johnson, but that's ok! It was fun, and I really liked meeting the other people in the Zone! We learned a lot about contacting, and teaching Repentance!

It is a lot of fun for sure!

Talking with everyone and its good to practice! Just being humble and asking... but its all good! Just one big circle! Reading, speaking, and listening!

There are 30 missionaries in my zone and about 170 in the mission.

All right, that's it from me! I'll talk to you soon! Love you!

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