Sunday, February 12, 2017

02-05-2017 Sakon Nakhon Thailand

Hello Hello!
Hot and humid? Haha, have you seen what I wear everyday? A jacket. No idea why, I don't really have a reason why. But when I take my jacket off these days, 90 degrees (farenheit) is warm and 70 is a little cool. Fun! But it's ok! 80 is พอดี (Which is just right, or pronounced Phoo dii, if you wanted to try. Or just use a translator app.)

The food? There is a lot of fried chicken just about... everywhere. Its really funny actually! They have stores like KFC here (even in Sakon Nakorn). But if we go to a member's house for dinner, we typically eat all of those things that we wouldn't usually eat at other shops (Beef Penang, other curries). Or maybe we're looking in the wrong places. Also has rice porridge though! Called โจ็ก (or about that, I can't remember the last letter.) My stomach is doing fine with those though!
Gift for mom? I can't even think of a gift for people normally, for any occasion. Good luck getting anything out of me! As a missionary, I probably would just give her a Book of Mormon in Thai... Hahaha. But that's how it goes! Good luck in that endeavor!

Really now? Abby and Ashtin? Well, that's weird. Time has flown by since I've been a missionary! Even today, we went exploring with Sister Tuun (Sister First's Mom) and she took us all the way to Nakon Phanom! All the way by Lao. In fact, we could see Lao. So we were pretty close! Bought a strong red laser, to scare the dogs with if they ever come close to me. My district leader said they don't notice the green ones, so I bought a red one. But There were six missionaries and Sister Tuun... in one normal SUV. Needless to say, it was cramped, but it didn't seem that long at all! Nothing compared to the airplane + bus ride here... So it's all good! Got some really cool pictures but I can't upload them from here (nor do I want to because it is a little weird here...) But yeah, time will fly, and Kaleb will be back before I know it, he knows it as well! For you guys at home, it might take a little longer. Life as a missionary flies!

Can't do anything with Onedrive right now though. We're at a different shop than we usually go to, so the client is all weird. You'll be getting maybe about 300 pictures next week, so maybe my onedrive needs to be cleaned? Last time I checked, it was at 90% or something like that. Pretty full!
Transfers are this week! Don't know what is happening with that. They do quite a bit of follow-up training here it seems like, but the opposite is also seems true so... Guessing at it is pointless! But, This will have been Elder Bjarnson's 2nd transfer here, so it's not totally impossible... but we'll see! I keep joking that I'm going to get greenie transferred, and sent to Chiang Mai or somewhere far (It would take forever to get there). I doubt it though! Our DL might also get transferred, and one of the Sisters but we have absolutely no clue! We'll probably get a phone call tomorrow!
As fr as investigators go, Brother N has a prospective date on the 12th of this month i.e... This sunday! He's been getting better with his challenges with the Word of Wisdom, and has been going to church every single week! He even told us "I know this is the true church." So that's pretty exciting! We're trying to invite all people to Come Unto Christ, but a prospective Melchezidek Priesthood Holder is exciting for our Branch! We also started our fasts with him, so we're hoping he will keep going strong!

Brother P is a little harder to meet with, but he takes everything we teach really well! We're hoping to get him to church with his family, but I think we're going to have to be a little more persistent in that apartment.

We're also teaching this really old man (like 80 years old) called Brother H. We'll see where that goes! He's been taught before, but we found no record so... We start from Square 1!
Language is coming along! Some people just speak at a million miles per hour though. But that's ok! I'll get there one day, in it's own due time. Progressing, as always! Lots of conference talks downloaded in Thai on our phones (because we actually have smartphones [maybe because we don't have IPads]) so I can listen to them a lot! They also have training videos on there as well, so it is a lot of stuff I can practice listening to! Speaking slowly, clearly, and just learning at every opportunity! It's great! Faith, and a steadfastness in Chirst, having a perfect brightness of hope, will help me more than anything else now!

All right, that's it from me! Hope to hear from you soon! Love you lots!

- Elder Collin Decker

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