Tuesday, November 15, 2016

11-15-2016 Provo MTC EnRoute To Bangkok Thailand

Hey there Dad! 

I got the pictures up! Don't know if they really want me going on onedrive, but no one really cares, I don't think! Even so, I saw a person on amazon ordering stuff. Funny! But I'm not too worried.

These keyboards are terrible by the way. Very stiff, and spaced kind of weird. So again, sorry for the typos!

That's pretty crazy to hear that Trump won! I'm not too surprised, but its cool! I have no idea what that means because I didn't study any policies of his or what not, so I don't really mind that much (plus, I'm going to be in prathet Thai in the next couple weeks, so not really concerned!

Mom in Primary again? Go figure. It seems like she likes to do all of those things!

 The temple is getting a lot better! I almost have the important stuff memorized, so I won't be a clueless elder!

I'm getting along with my companion fine. He acts like a teenager sometimes, a tad immature sometimes. In one of our lessons, he didn't speak a word. One of the worst lessons we had. I wanted him to say something, but he just wouldn't! So that was not the best of lessons! 

Otherwise, our lessons have been good! Besides our First TRC. That was rough. But we'll get the hang of it! The second one, we taught one of our teacher's wife. Their baby is cute! But Brother Staten had to take the baby out because it was starting to cry. But that lesson went pretty well!

This week, our Phii Thais left though! That was really sad actually. Not enough to make me cry, but I was pretty sad! They kind of felt like older siblings (though they are pretty much my age), and they were the only ones I could phuud pasaa Thai with! Now I'll have to practice with my Elders here, though my companion doesn't really study that well (i.e. falls asleep occasionally, doesn't take full advantage of his time). Oh well! I'll just continue to practice! I really just want to be able to think in Thai, no translation! That would be the best thing for me, so I don't have to translate in my head, but it will take some work, since I'm surrounded by English!

So, for the rest of my week, I finished all of the basic vocabulary that the teachers wanted us to learn! From then on, we're supposed to move on to script, but I'm already done learning script, so I kind of feel like I'm somewhat unguided as far as sxgsaa is concerned. (Sorry! sxgsaa is "to study" in Thai). I'll send you guys a pronunciation chart too! A picture of it at least! That way you can read my "pasaa Elder". (Language of Elders). So now, I plan on just learning more Gospel words, and mix some common speech vocabulary therein, so I can hold conversations too! I feel like that would be the most fun part, just talking! Honestly, just teaching investigators is fun, and trying to speak Thai, yet also teach the Gospel! I just feel so happy to learn and reconnect with this language!

Every so often, I just think to myself, "I am really glad that I'm going to Thailand for my mission." They always say to love the people, and I think it is really nice for me, because they are already my people, if that makes sense! Just a part of me I haven't seen yet! I just get so excited to think that I will be teaching these people, and finding these people, and most of all, talking with these people! I'm learning this language for me, you guys, and them! I'm excited to keep learning!

Learning more about the Gospel and how to teach it has been great as well! For us, it is important to remember that the Spirit is the true teacher, and we are to invite the investigators! I've been reading from nangsxx Alma (Book, Alma) recently. Chapter 5 is scary, but cool! If you really wanted something to read, read that, or Mosiah! King Benjamin is pretty cool!

All right, that's it from me! I love you guys a ton, and thank you for all the support! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

- Elder Collin Decker

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