Monday, March 20, 2017

3-19-17 Bangkok Thailand

Hey there Dad!
It is way too hot out here... Somewhere around 95 degrees everyday... so just a tad warm!
So this week has really picked up. Lots of miracles, lots of baptisms for our district! Our district just about has 1 baptism every week! It's a miracle for sure! We have two baptisms planned for this Sunday, and they've already passed their interviews, so all we need to do is prepare for this Sunday! We'll see about if we have other people in our district baptizing this w...eek!
As far as getting the branch established, we're still waiting on any response from the Asia Area Presidency! We had a goal to get just 20 people to our Family Home Evening activity this last Monday and we actually ended getting 51 people there! So, set the bar a little high, but that's ok! We're definitely going to have to start teaching all of those people soon, in order to form a solid branch!
The cave and monkeys were cool but monkeys are actually pretty scary. Dogs seem less scary than those, to be honest, but I haven't met a crazy dog yet, so... who knows? Most of the dogs here are pretty nice, some aren't, but most of them are pretty nice when you walk by them. Monkeys I just felt like were going to steal my stuff, but nothing got stolen, so... that's good!
Daylight savings doesn't help at all though with syncing between here and there... We don't have that here, so all that switched was your time zone! My area is pretty weird... It's called Soi Rewadee, because that is where we actually are but... the church is nice! I don't think I've taken pictures of the church yet, but I will soon! We don't have keys to unlock the gate so we have to jump the fence pretty often... which is fun!
The heat is fine! Just a lot of sweating and water, that's all! In another two months or so it will be time for lots of rain (but it might be more than that... who knows?)
Monkeys are probably cuter else where, they just looked scary here...
Sounds like you had a fun time up in the mountains! Looked fun, maybe a little sketchy, but fun!
The language is getting better, just need to keep working hard, and keep studying! Use every opportunity I get! The Lord will help always, for sure! I can definitely see the Gift of Tongues working out here, and helping me with the language!
We all have to overcome our weaknesses here and develop the strengths that we already have. As Ether 12:27 says, we have weaknesses to make us humble and in our humility, we can make those weaknesses to become strengths. All I need to do is keep working hard! That's how this works! The Lord will bless us with miracles as we work hard out here!
Love you lots Dad! Hope it's not too cold out there (it's hot season here right now). Hope everything is going great! Talk to you soon!
- Elder Collin Decker

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