Sunday, March 5, 2017

3-5-2017 Prakket Bangkok Thailand

Hey Dad!

So I made it! Got on the bus alone (Mom probably had a heart attack) and took the bus, 9 hours (it was fast), all the way to Bangkok. Slept most of the time, with my stuff all under my arms. I took an expensive bus company (ish) but they tag all of your stuff so you need the paper that matches the tag that they gave you in order to retrieve your stuff. They had bathrooms, but I didn't use it so... ok! It was good!

Big city, lots of cars, walking and what not! A little dangerous, but a little fun, I think? Got to the bus station at 5, but I actually ended up getting picked up at 8... I had to ask to borrow someone's phone (completely random person)... It was pretty weird! Not used to that, and I don't particularly want to repeat that... but it was all a fun experience. I actually thought I would need to use a taxi, but luckily, I was patient, and I didn't. I had to take a couple chances and go to the bathroom though... but I tried to make it super inconvenient to steal my bags. Just loop my bike lock through everything, and latch it to my bike, which I had to remove the front tire from. Lots of fun! Made it super hard to steal, so it's all good!

Got to my area, and we were on a ZL switch-off that day. So then I was with Elder Bastian (my companion) and Elder Hunt (the ZL, who is also half Thai). Went contacting at a market, and there were so many people there. It was a different kind of talking/contacting for sure. Lots of walking, no bikes. My bike is locked up at the Mission Office! 40 Minutes away from here. So pretty close to Prathaan Johnson! 

Later that day, went with Elder Hunt to teach a lesson, and it was super good! We planned to teach the Restoration, but it ended up being Prayer + Faith Lesson. Pretty good! Hopefully, those investigators work out for them!

Had a baptism and a lot of meetings on Sunday, kind of weird getting thrown into it! Our investigator received baptism, she's only been taught for 4-5 weeks so far so... hopefully we can get her to stay active!

It's a ward here but... it's not any bigger than Sakon Nakorn. 68 people at church last week, and about 10 Melchezidek Priesthood holders or so. So... we can work it out! Still 9:00 Ward, so that's good! The church is pretty far away, so we can't use it as a center of operations... It's just more than just a little different, but the work is the same!

Elder Bastian is great! Lots of energy! Should be fun.

Sports sounds fun! Just have to wait now, that's all!

All right, that's it from me! Love you a lot! Talk to you soon!

- Elder Collin Decker

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