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4-30-17 Bangkok Thailand

Hey there Dad!
So I heard you're at a Jazz Band Concert right now. No worries. I'll make this one longer so that you don't miss out on anything.
So this week is the week of... Transfers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But what does that entail?
Well for Elder Decker in the Pakkret Area, he will be...........
Yep yep, no suprise for that one. But what about for my companion, Elder Bastian?
The verdict is...
Moving out, whitewashing into another area called Minburi. Should be fun for him! His new district will be 8 people over there, where he'll be District Leader again.
So what does that mean for me? I'll be getting a new companion! I'm sad that Elder Bastian is leaving though. Having someone else from Washington is a ton of fun, especially when you can make fun of different cities from Washington and the schools thereof. But I learned a lot of from him, especially because he is my 2nd/3rd trainer here in Thailand! I've definitely improved a lot in many things that I do here. Hopefully I can carry it on, keep the fire going!
Now for my new companion. My new companion is going to be my Zone Leader from my very first transfer in country: Elder Chudchaiyaphum. It's easier to spell in Thai, but right now I can't remember it... but he is a Khon Thai! I'm super excited, to be honest. We'll be helping each other a lot, though probably me moreso than him. I'll be able to ask a lot of questions though! The funniest part about this is that Elder Bastian called it. Said that this Elder would be coming here to replace him, since Elder Bastian knew he would be transferring out. It will be a good next transfer, I hope!
Now onto other things.
Sounds like you have had a busy week! Lots of fun, a little bit work (or a lot) but all good!
For the missionary work here:
Right now, for this transfer, Elder Bastian and I have worked hard to get it set up good for the next transfer. We have a lot of poeple to teach, and a lot of people to help. It will be a busy next transfer, but as far as last this last one transfer, we had four baptisms! It's been a blessing for me to see them change and grow as they have learned more.
More personally, I feel that I've been blessed in many ways. I feel as though I have grown a lot as far as most aspects of missionary work go. I'm not perfect by any means, but I'm growing, and trying to get better, which is exactly what the Lord asks of us. To grow and keep growing. In Thai too! I feel as though I'm finally able to understand people at most times, so I can better respond to them, and actually set up appointments... but I still have a long ways to go! It is a lot of fun to try to learn a new language, and really try to apply it everyday. The Lord blesses us in so many ways and, the Lord qualifies those he calls (or assigns as well.)
For other business: I'm going to be calling on the 15th in Thailand, meaning the 14th back at home. I will be calling in the morning my time, late evening your time! So just tell me what time would be good, and we can try to work it out. If you don't really have a specific time, I'll probably call about 7:00 P.M. your time. We'll see though! The 15th is also P-Day for me, so we could email after too.
Oh and we had P-Day today because the mission doesn't wanting us wasting proselyting time packing our bags... so they moved it. That's just how it goes. It does at least give us the chance to tell you whats happening before everything changes, or doesn't change!
We work hard! That's it. Work hard, and the Lord will bless us. But I'm super excited to have a native companion next transfer!
We have plans to make this a great transfer, lots of good progressing investigators!
I have about 10 minutes left, then I have to go tackle my busy day (have to go to Bangkok, give a blessing, go to lunch with the district, then teach at 6)
The Lord truly has his hand in every part of this work. The Lord blesses his servants, and his children, all of them. As we strive to be closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus, so they will strive to be closer to us. I love the work, the language, and Thailand! The Lord truly is infinitely merciful, and loves us all.
Talk to you soon! Love you lots, and keep the fire going strong!
- Elder Collin Decker

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