Friday, May 26, 2017

5-26-17 Bangkok Thailand

Hey hey!

Sounds like a week, no? Sounds like you had a ton of stuff to do! Believe me, you probably know already, that is a blessing in disguise as well. There's nothing more I despise than wasted time. I'm ok with time for travel and stuff like that, but it worries me when I have a little bit of blank space. Usually that gets filled with inviting, but then we have to decide to go somewhere and... it becomes just a tad more stressful than I would prefer. Not really stressful, but not really that sabaay either. The days when we have to jet from appointment to appointment are often the best days for me. Lots of fun, just the feeling that you are on the Lord's errand, and he is helping you.

So, as for this last week, which I didn't get to cover: It was fairly normal. Pretty good and such but then Friday: switch-off day. Well... it was fun to say the least. I went on switch-offs with my companion from the MTC, Elder Pfleuger! My companion, who is the district leader, went with the other companion to their area, so I was working in my area. Needless to say, we went exploring a bit. Not too far, but we then proceeded to encounter a lady with all black teeth (which the older people think is cool). Invited her, but she didn't want to learn, which is fairly common. Went back to teach an older lady that Elder Cherd and I had taught before. Found out her daughter was there (who is like almost 30) and she had been Christian before, but just did Buddhist stuff because of her family! Pretty cool. She's become a pretty solid investigator of ours. She and her mom have a baptismal date now, so that puts us at a potential of 6 people for this transfer... we can do it! Just need to have faith.

Later that day, Elder Cherd had told me "OK, for this investigator, you are going to be the one to get the signature so Brother Tiger can get baptized." Well, I was still on switch-offs, so it really was up to me. Anyways, it was really good! I taught Brother Tiger a little bit, and then went to talk to his grandma, who is the one that really takes care of him. I felt the Spirit work through me so much, because I know that I can't negotiate at all, but the Spirit was working through me for sure. So, it ended up that I got the signature from her! Now, all we need to do is get him to church a little bit more... but that's ok! He's not that old, almost 12, so we'll keep working with him.

Other than that for this week, we had a lesson with an atheist, who believes in science. It's a little hard to teach to people who have beliefs such as that. He questioned our faith a little, which is normal, so I went back home and started studying. In that moment, I felt the Holy Ghost speak to me, and help me to confirm what I knew already, and then added even more to it. I realized that it just isn't possible for me to lose faith. I can think to myself in questions, but to doubt, even after track season, even after weird lessons like that, I came to the realization that I just can't doubt. It doesn't really work that way. So thank you, Mom and Dad, Kaleb and Kai, for helping me have a good like at home where we were raised with faith in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. To have good examples gave me a solid foundation, and gave me a good seed, which has now taken root strongly in my spirit.

By the way a general authority is coming to visit Thailand today so that should be fun!

I know without a shadow of a doubt that Heavenly Father is real. He watches over us, and he loves us. Jesus Christ lives. This is his true church. Just read the Book of Mormon if you ever have doubts, for the book leads us to faith. This is God's church, and I am in his vineyard. The work is great, the language is great, the country is great and God's love is great, as well as real.

Love you! Don't get too stressed Dad! Kaleb's home, he'll help with all of that!

- Elder Collin Decker

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