Thursday, July 27, 2017

7-16-17 Bangkok Thailand

Hey Dad!

This week has been a great week! In some missionaries vocabulary, it would be a FIRE week, and I do like fire... hahaha. So we started out with P-Day on Monday, as normal. I almost couldn't remember what we did. We went to Ko Kret with my old trainer (Phaw!) Elder Bastian. It was pretty fun because that Monday was actually a holiday for everyone in country, so there were a ton of shops open that day! I also bought another wooden elephant... I'll probably have to go there one more time before I end my mission, but that's a long ways away, so no worries about that one. But in reality this month, in about 10 or so days, I'll have been a missionary for 9 months... I'm pretty sure at least. It will have been a long time. These days, I'm just having trouble with what transfer I'm on. Everyone says it's better just not to count so I'm going to take that advice... hahaha. 

The rest of the week was kind of a blur actually. We taught a lot of people, but the weeks seem to go by so fast by the way they are set up. Maybe it won't be that way in the next area I'm in, but we'll see. Lots of fun stuff! Last Friday was a switch-off, but the entire day was kind of a bust, and I felt like it was relatively unproductive as far as the day went but... it wasn't in my area, so I didn't really plan a whole ton to do. We work together, but mostly it just comes down to what the other Elder planned to do on that day. No worries though, I still learned from the time I was with him!

These days I'm getting close to the end of Book of Mormon in Thai! It's going by pretty fast when you read the Book of Mormon exclusively for language study, and then for an hour at night when we have down time... I'm getting close though! Since last week I've managed to get to Ether, so it's been fun! I'm starting to contemplate what I'm going to do next after I'm done reading the Book of Mormon all the way through in Thai... I'm not sure how that is all going to work out, but it will work out! Otherwise, the language is going good! Still can improve, but where would the fun be if we couldn't improve?

Today, I'll actually be going to Samut Sakorn! I'll try to take pictures, but my camera is a little broken, so a new one might be in order... we'll see how expensive they are here!

One of my favorite parts of the Gospel is the doctrine that we can always progress, that we're meant to progress eternally. One of the things that has given me the most amount of happiness in life has most definitely been progression. Family first, because I love my family after all! But progression is something that always helps me to feel better. Whether in Track and Field, whether in school, in band, or otherwise, it is progression that makes me feel great. One of the greatest results I've seen from my time as a missionary is how my faith has grown. How much I feel my testimony has grown. I'm grateful for this wonderful opportunity to grow, and to improve! Everlasting progression sounds great to me. 

In the same respect, seeing our investigators grow has also been a blessing. Watching our investigator Sister Nat, overcome the challenges she has to get ready for baptism has been great! We also have another investigator, Khao Glong, who is getting ready to be baptized as well. He's pretty golden to be honest, but mostly because: 1. His mom is our RC. 2. He's good at learning, as in at school. 3. He likes going to Church. 4. He's 9. Meaning he doesn't have a ton of problems in the way of commandments (i.e. see the 10 Commandments "Don't kill, or steal"). So he's doing pretty well. Both of them are getting ready to be baptized this Sunday, so it should be great!

The time we have to serve the Lord is so small, it's unbelievable. Who knows where the Lord will take me next, but whether I stay here for another transfer, or go somewhere else, I know that it will be the will of the Lord. Thus will I serve there with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength. 

I love the work, I love the people, and this country! This is the work of the Lord, and I'm honored to have a part in it. I know that the Lord will help me as I serve him with all that I have.

- Elder Collin Decker

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