Thursday, July 27, 2017

7-4-2017 - Bangkok Thailand

Hey there Dad!

So this week has been pretty good! Lots of hard work, lots of trying hard! My Thai has slowly getting better! Hopefully it keeps going! I really just read of the Book of Mormon at any given point of the day, in Thai. Out loud. Lots of missionaries much older than me and wiser than me have told me that "the best time to learn Thai is when you are feeling the Spirit. So what brings the Spirit? Church and the Book of Mormon." Something like that. So I just spend my entire time reading from the Book of Mormon (during language study and at Night). I'm almost done with it too! I'm in 3 Nephi right now, so I'm on track to finishing it before my year mark (and maybe before the end of last transfer!). I feel like I'm understanding a great majority of what I'm reading and so it's helping a lot!

As far as the weather goes, it actually is pretty normal most days at 90. I'm going to be freezing when I get back home during the fall/winter... I'm pretty comfortable at 80. I'm pretty much acclimated to the heat now, so... I'm going to freeze when it comes time to face the rain in Washington again... Oh well! I'll save that for another, however long, I'm out.

No fireworks though? That's sad D:. Oh well, hopefully you're having fun.

Last week we actually got 5 new investigators in one day, after 6:00, plus two other potential investigators as well. It was a crazy day! Too many miracles but... we unfortunately did not have enough time to study. Unfortunately that happens often... But the Lord is blessing us greatly as we work hard!

We had Zone Conference this last week! It was great to hear from our leaders here! It really helps me to focus on the revelation that they have for us and the advice they give us on how we can improve! I still have a lot to improve, but I know that as we exercise more faith (through obedience of course) and truly believe that every person we meet is going to get baptized, it will happen! Our mission baptized 84 people last month! Better yet 84 people who are walking on the covenant path with Heavenly Father! Who are receiving saving ordinances and coming closer to eternal happiness! The mission goal is 85 people who are making covenants like these! So we're all working hard to do this, and to get better! Faith, through obedience and diligence will bring about the will of the Lord, as long as we are humble and willing. We will find those children who are prepared to hear the Gospel!

We have had lots of miracles happen to us, and we know that the Lord is blessing the work here! I love the work, I love this Church, this Gospel, and Thailand! We're going to get these people to the Temple, and then to the Celestial Kingdom! Love you lots! Talk to you soon!

- Elder Collin Decker

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