Sunday, June 25, 2017

6-11-17 Bangkok Thailand - Transfers Elder Tuttle

Hey there Dad!

Well it seems like everyone is getting back now, huh? That's just so weird to me. A lot of time has passed since I was home last. Oh well! Just keep working hard, huh?

Right now, things are going well but... just one week off. Tomorrow is transfers! So the verdict is... 

I'm staying for another transfer. I'm just ready to get out there for this next transfer, and get people baptized! I still have a lot of weaknesses and still have a lot to work on, but I know that Heavenly Father chooses to work through the weak and the humble. Just have to remember that Heavenly Father's grace is sufficient for everyone, and will make our weaknesses as strengths.

Before I say who my companion is, I'm just going to say that I am going to miss my companion, Elder Cherdchaiyaphum for sure. It has been a great blessing for me to serve with him in this area, to work together with him and, of course, learn Thai from him as well. I learned a whole ton, for sure! But I learned what it means to work hard, to think through situations and really try to rely upon the Lord, through prayer and the Spirit. I'm going to miss him a ton, but he's got more to do now, and actually take care of his future! (This was his last transfer after all!)

My new companion is Elder Tuttle. I haven't met him yet so I have no idea what he's like but... everyone says he's good! They say he is super tall, and so that will be fun. No more native companion but that's ok. Every companionship is going to be great if we work hard! We'll see how it goes next transfer, but most likely this next transfer will be my last one here. I've been in this area about 2.5 transfers now, but I'm counting it as just about 3 transfers. So, we'll see how that goes! But most likely I'll be moving! However, this month I'll hit my 6 month mark in country. 6 months! Well, that's a long time no? That means I'll have been a missionary for 8 months. It's going by way too quickly, but it's still going well!

Ok. Enough about transfers. This last week was super great! We had a baptism last Saturday for our long awaited investigator... Brother Tiger! He went to church two Sundays ago so he could get baptized on Saturday! This last Sunday following, he received the Holy Ghost, so now he's a member 100%! I thought his testimony was great after the baptism. He said along the lines of: "I'm really happy I got baptized and followed Jesus... I'm happy that I learned with the Elders.... That's it!" Then almost walked off, but then returned to say "in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen" So great! It was a great moment! Also, we had another confirmation last Sunday for Sister Gate who lives about 2 hours away! She even brought her son, so it was a good day!

Yesterday we went to Elder Kannakham's house, who is an Area Seventy here (the only one in Thailand actually) and we got to have our District Meeting there! I loved to see his example, and see how humble he his, and how much love is in his home. He is a great leader and I love seeing his example for everyone!

I know this Church is true. I know that this is God's work on the Earth today and I know that we are just servants to help our Heavenly Father with this great work. I still have a lot of weaknesses, I still need to learn a lot, but we learn, we make mistakes, and we improve. In the language, in our teaching, there always room to improve. But Heavenly Father will bless us and I pray that my companion and I will have enough FIRE to find those people who Heavenly Father has prepared already!

Love you lots! I'll talk to you soon!

- Elder Collin Decker

Thailand, Bangkok Mission

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